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Another photo of Oscar & Donner

Our new addition to the family is adjusting well, after a rocky start. He was a bit skittish and hid behind the couch and hissed at us for the first week. He’s warming up to everyone, especially Oscar. They can be found either playing together, hanging out under the dining room table or cuddled up together on the small couch or the bed.

Oscar in front, Donner in the back

Oscar, seen here in the foreground, really loves his new little brother, Donner. Yeah, that’s him with the giant eyeballs at in the background.

No, we didn’t name Donner. He came with that crappy name. Apparently, he was a “Christmas kitten” at Katie’s Place so they named him after one of Santa’s reindeer. We haven’t been able to come up with anything that fits him any better. It’s sort of appropriate as Carol is a huge fan of Christmas.

I snapped this shot this morning with Carol’s camera. Hopefully I’ll have my own DSLR soon. The old Canon Powershot G5 just isn’t cutting the mustard. I’ll steal Carol’s when I can, but it’s kind of tough to wrangle; kind of like taking a rifle from an NRA member.

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