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#Movember 20: That’s a Good Looking Prostate

Ooh! Fuzzy wuzzy! I think the mo’ is a good luck charm for the Canucks. After a shaky first period the boys laid the smack down on the stinkin’ Avalanche for the second game in a row.


Maybe I’ll keep it until they win the Stanley Cup this. It’ll be quite the fu manchu by that time.

I am fairly sure I’ll be waxing it vigorously. I said waxing… my moustache, I mean.

Today’s video comes from Tanya and friends over at Bluefinch Creative Inc., it’s titled Bashful Bladder:

Pretty good stuff. See my comment on the Bluefinch blog post titled The Real Movember for more of my thoughts on this video. Don’t forget to sign up at memelabs.com/movember to vote for the video. I did.

More information and how to donate to Movember: Movember 2009 Info

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  • carolbrowne November 21, 2009, 1:39 am

    Oh yes! The fu manchu! I can braid it for you. Anything for the Stanley Cup!