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#Movember 23: Get this thing off my face RIGHT F’ing NOW!

Mo’tographer, Carol Browne, should be congratulated  as she undertook great personal risk in getting today’s Mo’ Photo. The wearer did not keep up his usual caffeine and aspartame intake and was, clearly, on the warpath at the time of this photo. The lack of his addictive substances and fuzzy thing on his face made him particularly insane today.


I’m not sure why I am talking about myself in the third person, but am sure it is a clear sign that my cheese has finally slipped all the way off my cracker. I am very glad there is only a week left. I should be given a medal for this.

Sorry for whining.

Here’s today’s Movember related moustache video. I don’t drink but this is still amusing:

Hey I used to have an outfit just like that. It can be seen, turtleneck, tweed jacket and all on the family room wall in my parents house for everyone to throw up at.

More information and how to donate to Movember: Movember 2009 Info

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  • carolbrowne November 24, 2009, 2:21 am

    Ha! I think I saw that photo. Teehee!