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Quit Now and Win Contest and My Story

On January 18, 2010 it will be exactly 12 years since I quit smoking. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, and my family, it’s a really big deal. I had tried to quit many times and always went back to it. I was smoking over a pack a day at the end and sometimes even go up in the middle of the night to smoke.

It certainly sucked being chained to something like that, but no more. I am grateful everyday that I don’t smoke anymore. I think that’s a part of what has helped me to stay stopped. I had plenty of my own reasons to quit smoking, health being the most obvious. But, I couldn’t quit for good until I decided that what I really wanted for me and no one else. Sorry Mom.

Anyway quitnow.ca, along with the BC Lung Association, is running a little contest that may give you that extra little push toward quitting yourself:

Quitting smoking is easier with support from on-line contest

QNW_logo2_smNovember 23, 2009 – QuitNow & WIN, the contest that successfully convinced more than 7,000 British Columbians to sign up to quit smoking last year, is back.

The contest encourages smokers to turn to a buddy for encouragement, register online for support, and have the chance to win prizes totaling more than $20,000, provided by corporate sponsor McNeil Consumer Healthcare Canada.

“I had been thinking of giving up smoking for a while, and the contest was the push I needed,” said Justin Tournier, last year’s grand prize winner. “Cigarettes were no longer my companion, and I had to find new ways to deal with stress, boredom, social activities and habit. It was great to have a community of support to get past the rocky points and to learn new coping tactics. Once I had adapted to a new way of living, the need for cigarettes vanished. It’s been almost a year now since I quit and now, I wonder why I waited so long.”

“QuitNow & WIN had a very successful first year, and I am very excited that we can help more British Columbians go tobacco-free this year,” said Ida Chong, Minister of Healthy Living and Sport . “I am a big fan of this contest because everyone who participates in it is a winner. It provides great prize incentives for people to sign up, but the whole philosophy behind QuitNow & WIN is that participants help each other ‘cross the finish line’ and reach the first goal of going five weeks without using tobacco.”

QuitNow & WIN is an online contest that uses a combination of traditional and social media supports to help people quit smoking. Participants sign up with a ‘buddy’ who provides friendly encouragement. They can use QuitNow by Phone (1-877-455-2233), a free telephone-based counseling program available 24/7 in over 130 languages. They can sign up for supportive emails, text messages, Twitter “tweets” and Facebook updates. They can also join online support groups on www.quitnow.ca, an Internet based quit smoking service that offers individualized programs to participants – anytime and anyplace.

Organized by the BC Lung Association through grant fun

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  • Kelly December 17, 2009, 4:21 pm

    Mike, thank you for sharing your story of quitting smoking! Sometimes it does take a few tries to finally quit smoking, but great to hear about your continued to success. I am sure there are many people out there who have similar stories. Again, thank you!

  • Mike Browne December 17, 2009, 4:23 pm

    You’re welcome Kelly. Hope all’s well at 6S. If you folks have anything else for me to blather about feel free to send it along.

  • Dan Cunningham December 18, 2009, 9:49 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Your words are certainly encouraging especially for myself. I was a long time and heavey smoker up until four months ago. That is the last time I had a cigarette. It is difficult for me this time of year not to smoke and I’m always open minded to new ideas to stay my temptations…thank you.


  • Mike Browne December 19, 2009, 9:55 am

    Thanks Dan. Staying stopped is a big deal. Just one puff and we’re off and running again and have to go through the whole darned cycle of quitting and detox if we want to give up the weeds. If I have a craving, as I did the other day, I acknowledge it, take a couple deep breaths and it usually passes in a few moments. Popping a piece of sugarless gum into my mouth helps too.