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Chris Simon slashes Hollweg

There was another hockey violence episode last night during the the game between hometown rivals, the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders. Here’s some disturbing video of the incident from YouTube and HockeyFights.com:

Chris Simon’s two-hander on Ryan Hollweg after Hollweg’s hit on Simon from the Rangers at Islanders game on Mar 8, 2007.


The Islanders scored on the ensuing power play and went on to win the game 2 – 1. Duh Simon, duh!

I realize that hockey is a contact sport and fighting is part of the game, but this kind of behaviour should not be.

According to CBC Chris Simon has been suspended pending investigation of the incident. Of course he has. We’ve seen this kind of thing a few times before. Who can forget the infamous Bertuzzi on Moore incident? As a Canucks fan I know I can’t. Also, another Canuck related incident was the stick slash to the head by Boston’s Marty McSorley on Vancouver’s Donald Brashear.

Always temporary suspensions. Why not expulsion? Perhaps if a player shows this kind of lack of control they don’t deserve to play the game any more. Making an example of someone might just prevent a death later on. Just few centimeters lower and Simon could have crushed Hollweg’s larynx and killed him. Come on Mr Campbell. Take a stand and end this crap.

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