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Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

Carol and I scooted out for a little day trip to Banyen Books and Carol discovered a copy of David Lynch’s book Catching the Big Fish for me to read.


Kind of perfect. A book about filmmaking and meditation from someone who’s art and vision I respect very much. I couldn’t put it down last night. Each little blurb on everything from notes on specific films of Lynch’s to consciousness itself are presented in neat little easy to digest chapters of no more than two pages.

Below is David Lynch talking about his very first experience with meditation:

I’m so grateful that someone of his stature is willing to share these experiences with people like me who are trying to grow in the right direction. Thank you David.

More about David Lynch:

davidlynch.com – official website for artist David Lynch with daily weather report

dlf.tv – more fascinating video from the David Lynch Foundation

twitter.com/david_Lynch – David Lynch on twitter

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  • Dr. Keith DeBoer June 22, 2009, 7:51 pm

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