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1960’s Car Salesman Tells His Truth

I received the following video in an email from a pal of mine. I thought it might be worth sharing.

Here’s the text that came with the email:

During the late 60’s, most television programs and commercials were live. There were no “pre-recorded” programs. There were some obvious problems with this method. No “retakes” and “bloopers” were a regular occurrence.

This is no blooper! This guy was just very upset with his boss and told it like he thought it was. What a great job of ad-libbing. He never misses a beat while the camera man is just about to lose it. The commercial got on the air … but only once.

We have to assume he quit right after the commercial — one way or another.

[jwplayer mediaid=”6632″]

Who knows what the real story is behind this. Thanks to Mad Men we’ve seen that a sense of humour, albeit somewjhat cornball, sometimes blue and often racist, was not entirely uncommon in the early 60’s. Perhaps this salesman and his boss actually got along well and this was merely a taped joke. That would be my bet.

The other explanation reads like someone trying to make something out of nothing. If it is true, however, what an epic way to quit your job.

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  • Tom Abell May 23, 2011, 4:16 pm

    LoL! That’s too funny…not too far from my house either. Wonder if that place is still in business. Thanks for sharing Mike!