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Gratitude Week is coming

Let’s keep this as simple as possible.

Gratitude Week Vancouver is happening from October 12-19, 2009.

What is Gratitude Week?

Gratitude Week is a vehicle for ordinary people in Vancouver to make something happen to end homelessness now. It is a way to enable individual citizens to do something tangible in the fight against homelessness. Our Provincial Government and the City are making enormous strides in providing long-term solutions to the problem. A number of non-governmental agencies and charitable organizations are also doing amazing work towards the same goal. We commend them for their work and support their efforts.

The missing piece has been the involvement of the entire community, rather than the committed few who have been doing wonderful work for so long with limited resources. Each one of us can do something today to end homelessness now. [source]

A sign of the times:

We all have something to be grateful for. Why not share? I’ve given, have you?

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