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We’re back in BC

What a great trip we had. I’m still processing all this emotional stuff, so I haven’t been blogging much. I’m finding it a bit hard to express what I feel right now. All I know is that its positive, but being someone who doesn’t do emotional well this is fairly overwhelming.

If you’re not bored already there’s more here (Pauly and the zookeeper should look again.

Voices with questions that used to haunt me are now quiet; gonzo; no more; titso… The silence in my noggin is deafening, but that’s a good thing. I feel a freedom I didn’t know existed.

The visit turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I am a very blessed man. Now I have an even more extended family. My life just gets richer and richer. I wish I could be closer so I could spend more time with them. Anyone have $11 million US they can give me? Private Island for Sale in Nova Scotia. Dianne says she just may come to Vancouver in October (which would rock). We’ll see.

What have I learned? I now know what most other people have known most of their lives:

– I was born at 7:44 AM on Ausgust 5th, 1969 after two hours of labour weighing 7 lbs 6 ozs. I was the biggest of all three of Dianne’s boys (now the smallest, but still the oldest, sorry J-P). I knew the weight and date before but never the time nor info regarding Dianne’s labour. Just a litle Mike Browne trivia: While pregnant with me Dianne dated Myles Goodwin, who went on to fame and fortune as the lead singer of April Wine later on that year. Kind of cool…

Now for some pictures.

Dianne gave me the above photo her friend (who now is suffering from Alzheimers Disease) took of me just days old. The picture is the only likeness of me she had for 36 years. Too bad digital didn’t exist then, I bet it would have been more than just my nostrils in the shot. I was floored by her giving me this and my hospital bracelet below. Wow! She told me that she has me in her life now so she can let go of them. How cool is that?

The title is “Mrs” on the bracelet as in 1969 to have a child out of wedlock was a taboo in NS. I’m glad those days are in the past for the most part.

When Dianne came to Bridgewater and met Mom and Dad she brought us gifts – handcarved sculptures by Demdaco: New Life for Mom and Dad and Angel of Mine for me (pictured above). Carol got some cool origami paper and books. It’s like a scene from Blade Runner around the house with all the little animals and things showing up since Carol took up her new hobby. The boat did look shitty hon, sorry. I’m not sure what Dianne gave Rachel because I was so enamored with the figurine I got… d’oh. Thanks DNA Mom!

I’m a lucky dude. Still no word on my birth-father, James Pyke, and perhaps maybe never. I know it’s different for men then it is women and I’m not sure he even wants to meet me. I think I’ll just let this end of things sink in before pursuing that one any further. I’d explode right now if I had any more to take in.

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  • thezookeeper August 26, 2005, 1:16 pm

    Yeah dream on…I can barely afford gas and the toll to Vancouver to see my sister!

    My husband and I figured it out…by the time we put our dog in the kennel…paid the gas there and back and the toll, it probably would be about $300 before we did anything!

    Sucks. But it’s nice to dream anyway….
    If I was gonna buy an island..it would be in Belize.

  • Pauly August 26, 2005, 1:17 pm


  • The Mrs. August 26, 2005, 1:50 pm

    I will agree. The boat was not my best work…I make a mean crane, though.

    Oh, and Rachel got an angel figurine as well AND a book about being happy. Remember? One of the sayings in the little book was "Smile! It confuses people!"

  • Dianne August 26, 2005, 1:51 pm

    You are so welcome Son! Rachel’s pressie was also a Willow Tree statue of the "Angel of Beauty" and a Little Book of Hugs to help her through the tough times. I really enjoyed meeting your family and to finally thank them in person for making my wishes for you come true. …the minute you let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better…." You are already there Son!

  • big_almac August 26, 2005, 5:17 pm

    Mike, I am not sure what to say. Just from what I have read in your blog, this whole experience has touched my heart. I could not imagine how it has touched yours.

  • Yer old Uncle Morty (the gonif) August 26, 2005, 7:27 pm

    I’m with Pauly…..titso? Would this be some strange vernacular only known to Nova Scotians? Does have a cute ring to it though.
    I wonder what it means….sort of sounds like a dance or a new model of car, or even some sort of Slovakian dessert. Ah yes my good man, I think I’ll have the titso and a coffee!

  • Wes A. Wiens August 26, 2005, 9:51 pm

    My Scotian relatives moved out here a year ago and they’re still spouting all sorts of words Ive never heard before.

    Glad to see you have such a wonderful experience. All within three years too. Looking back at the adoption posts I can see many of the questions from the voices in your head (all of your posts actually ;)). I’m glad they’re quiet now, if only you couuld get the neighbors to shut up.

    My suggestion is to close the ‘Adoption’ category now and open a new one: ‘Family’. I thinks it’s safe to say you’re no longer an adopted person, you’re just a guy with one great big family.

  • Paul Kenny September 22, 2005, 9:34 am

    Hey Mike ,

    Oh No !! A blast from the past !!!

    Long time no chat …. Amazingly I stumbled across your blog once again ( last time i saw it was about 3 years ago )
    The tale of rediscovery involves a weeklong golf trip to PEI this summer with 11 drunken Newfies and an email to a link on your Blog to your Bubbles sound board from a misplaced newfie I met on the trip who is now living in Winnipeg. As a Caper friend of mine once said "Small World .. wouldn’t want to paint it "

    Anyways … I was fascinated by your reunion with your Birth Mother .. and it has inspired me to embark upon the same journey.
    I know that somewhere in your posts you gave the jumping off point for contacting the government agency … could i trouble you to forward the info to me … along with any helpful advice that you may have .

    Again .. congratulations … it gave me shivers as i followed your posts leading up to the reunion and the followups afterwards … I’m really happy for you .



    Paul K.

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