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Film Marketing and Web 2.0

Last weekend I went to a course put on by the DGC. It was called Introduction to Internet Marketing for DGC Members and was facilitated by Film and TV Director, Creative Consultant, TV Producer and 1st A.D. Peter D. Marshall. You can subscribe to Peter’s excellent filmmaking newsletter over at his site actioncutprint.com.

Peter talked about everything from the more technical such as meta tags and SEO to utilizing web 2.0 sites like faceook and LinkedIn

Basically what I have is all the weapons to market both myself and any of my films or other media products already in my arsenal, but have yet to focus them. It’s like having the best power drill on the planet and drilling at thin air. I’ll be making some changes to my online presence, not the least of which will be to this blog.

Colleen Nystedt came in to speak to us about her site, movieset.com. I was extremely impressed with Coleen and her pitch. Movieset.com is going to revolutionize film marketing and the back-end tools bringing productions truly online (and for free) are of huge interest to me as a filmmaker. I had ideas about doing what movieset.com is doing myself, so it’s a very easy product to get behind.

Here’s Colleen on In the Lab with Leo Laporte:

Go behind-the-scenes with MovieSet™
Colleen Nystedt, Founder & CEO, MovieSet™

  1. MovieSet™ represents a paradigm shift that advances the marketing of movies to the beginning of the production process.
  2. Every movie has a core audience and the internet is the most sophisticated tool for identifying, targeting and engaging those fans.
  3. MovieSet’s toolkit brings film production online creating efficiencies in scheduling and communications, and as a by-product allows fans a abbreviated view of the process.
  4. As an aggregator, MovieSet™ enables producers to earn advertising and other ecommerce revenue creating new business models.
  5. MovieSet™ is also developing its utilities for television, documentaries and games.


[source In the Lab with Leo: episode 79]

As well we hear from Trilby Jeeves who spoke about her experience with marketing film related services on the web, specifically her site buffooneryworkshops.com. I’m kind of a buffoon already, but I’m considering taking Trilby’s next course:

“The Buffoonery Acting Workshop” will be two fun-filled days of discovering how to find authentic, believable and committed performances. It’s going to be held in Vancouver, on April 26 & 27, 2008 at the Tooba Physical Theatre.

This workshop is available to no more than 10 actors. Registrations will be on a first come basis. As soon as 10 spots have been taken, this link will be closed.

Register Now.

Coming from the background and experience in this area that I already have I wasn’t sure how much I’d learn, but I’m glad I went. I learned a lot in only a few hours. Thanks again Peter.

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