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X-Men 3 info

Hey Ted W,
I tried to email you in response to your note from this morning, but the email bounced back as ‘undeliverable’. To answer, no I have not yet sent in a résumé to X-Men 3’s production office. Have you sent one and heard nothing back? They have just gone ‘to camera’ as of yesterday so if you haven’t sent one, now’s the time. Here’s their info from the BC Film List at ReelWest.com:

X3 Canada Productions Ltd.
Prod: Lauren Shuler Donner,
Ralph Winter
Co-Prod: Ross Fanger
Director: Matthew Vaughn
PM: Stewart Bethune
PC: Jena Niquidet
LM: Ann Goobie
ALM: Paul Giordano
PD: Ed Verreaux
Publicist: Gloria Davies
Casting: Coreen Mayrs,
Heike Brandstatter
Cast: Hugh Jackman,
Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry
Sched: Aug 2 – Dec 15/05
3500 Cornett Rd., Bldg. E
Vancouver, BC V5H 2M5
453-4900 fax: 453-4901

Fax your résumé C/O Locations Department ATTN: Paul Giordano who is the ALM (Assistant Locations Manager) on the show. Good Luck! We might see you on the show. It’s going to be a biggy.

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